Top 5 Best Digital Lock From AliExpress (November 2019)

Ever felt like having keys in your pocket or bag is a hassle? We now have technology that can make use of bio metrics to unlock your door!

Here are the top 5 digital lock that everyone is getting from AliExpress! All the below items are from stores with highly rated positive feedback therefore you can get them at ease!

TTlock App Security Electronic Door Lock

Access by app, code, card or key, it offers various modes of ways to unlock the door. You can even assign a one time password for your guest if you are not home! US $62.69 AliExpress!

RAYKUBE Fingerprint Lock

Raykube has the additional option of using your fingerprint as a key and you do not have to bring any keys or cards anymore! US $87.13 AliExpress!

Portable Fingerprint Lock

Need something that is portable and requires absolutely no installation? This might be the product for you! It uses fingerprint for unlock as well. US $14.18 AliExpress!

YOHEEN Fingerprint Lock

Yoheen Fingerprint lock does more than just a digital lock. It also stores the history of the unlocking so that you can review it later if needed! US $81.40 AliExpress!

Cardoria Wifi Fingerprint Lock

Integrating into your smart home, you are able to open your door remotely by using the app. Full flexibility! US $63.90 AliExpress!

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finding you the best buy’s from aliexpress!

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